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What to bring to your “Trash the Dress”?

Cateyeworks Professional Wedding Photographer Playa del Carmen

When your looking for things to bring to your TTD (Trash the Dress).  Keep it simple and trust your style.  Bring a few things of sentimental value, something fun or something that reflects your personality!  Here the bride wore her shoes and “Something Blue” that she had worn on her wedding day.

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking…

*Toe Ring *Masks *A Flower for your Hair *Umbrella *Bikini * Paint in Squirt Bottles *Balloons *Wine Bottles *Small Wind Mills *Water Guns *Streamers *Kite *Feather Pillows

Basically any prop that you find fun!

If your not into props it is okay because your location is key!  This you’ll work out with your photographer.  I personally like to scout the area (on location and off) where you are getting married before planning the TTD.   From a graffiti wall to the cool waters of a cenote, again this choice should fit your personality!  Once you have decided your location you will want to consider bringing a few extra items like a comb/brush, extra hair pins and your make up for touch ups.  If your getting wet or really messy, bring a towel and a change of clothes.  Remember that while there are many things to bring not all of them TRASH your dress.  Plus, your dress can with stand much more than you think.

Trash the Dress is an awesome way to express you and your partners personalities.  Have fun with it!  Rememeber that old saying…”Couples that play together stay together”! Let the fun begin with a Trash the Dress in your own style!