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“I thrive on the challenge of capturing the world of cuisine and mixology.”

As a world traveler, wine drinker, and Michelin Star lover; kat is  inspired by the science of the Culinary Arts and by the exceptional Mixologists around the globe! Cat Eye Creations Food Photography is fun and fresh while elegant. Kat’s personality and talent will put you at ease when it comes to creating powerful imagery so you stand out on the front lines of the food industry.

Her passion for food and travel fuels her ability to create unique and innovative layouts. Her attention to detail, light, and composition bring your brand to life with stunning images designed to make mouths water and engage the senses.

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Food Portfolios

Some of my favorite collaborations include: John Grey’s Kitchen, Mayakoba,  , Choux Choux CafeColibri Boutique Hotels The Taste of Playa International Food Festival, NAO Hotel Groups and Grand Hyatt Playa Del Carmen Here are a few of those portfolios.

Grand Hyatt-The Grill

Grand Hyatt-Chef Nadine

Chou Chou-Cafe y Pan


It’s important to talk personally to my clients, so why not contact me!


How much does food photography cost?


The cost varies depending on the complexity of the shoot. Some want highly stylised dishes and staging. One restaurant/hotel may want a few images while another wants the whole menu. I provide a few options catered to each clients needs after we talk about your vision. 


How long does a food photography session cost?


This is also catered to each client. Typically a session can last between 2 to 6 hours. 


Do I get the copyright of the images?


You have full rights of usage for the images and their intended purpose. Such as marketing materials and social media. Normally I keep the copyright unless we agree otherwise. This allows me to use the images for further business promotion. I do not sell or use the images for any other reason or client.