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To “TRASH THE DRESS” or to NOT “Trash the Dress”!

“Do I dare do a “Trash the Dress” Photo Session?” This has been one of the top questions I have been asked by brides to be especially when planning a Destination Wedding.  While they are not exclusive to Destination Weddings let me point out a few things when your considering trashing your dress!

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Trash The Dress EXTREME!

This is Celeste and Flavio!  They took TTD (Trash the Dress) to the extreme!  But a TTD doesn’t mean that you have to trash your dress completely.  A TTD is usually done the day after your wedding at a specific location where you and your partner can get creative with your photographer.

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Choosing a location for TTD!

Here we are on the amazing Caribbean Sea but your location could be anywhere.  From an abandoned building, a wall full of graffiti, a junk yard to a museum of fine art or even the place you first met.  Your location reflects you and your partners style.

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A Beautiful Moment…

From extreme to something simple and creative.  Take your dress on your honeymoon instead of leaving it behind to put in a storage box.  TTD’s capture your love, your emotion in a non traditional way after you have taken your vows.

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A Memory to Last Forever…

So the con is that your dress is trashed.  But not necessarily so.  You can still have it cleaned or you can donate it or sell it.  If you go to the extreme these might not be options.   But, while there are so many pros and cons to a TTD I have never seen such free spirited, un-bound love of a newly wed couple playing together as I have when I photograph a TTD.  It’s you, your partner and your expression of your love in a photograph that will last forever!