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There is this special moment in Newly Weds Photography that you shouldn’t skip.  After all the planning; traveling to your Destination Wedding, the dress, who has the rings, how much time do you have with the make-up artist, the lists could go on.  But when the moment comes and you are now “husband and wife” for the first time I get to pull you away from all the family and friends for a quiet moment together in one of the most beautiful back drops on planet earth. I love this moment on the shores of the Carribean in the Riviera Maya.  If your time allows don’t skip on taking this moment.  We take a walk down the beach and with some simple directions (mostly talk to each other) we can capture a moment like this with Alison and Jeremy.  We have this beautiful, peaceful time to capture the essence of your love.  There is no more planning, no more flights arriving or suit pressing you are married!  Take the time for your Newly Weds Photography.  I recommend 45min-1hour while your guests are having a social hour on the beach.  I am sure everyone will be content and you will be happy to catch these first moments as husband and wife!

Intimate Destination Wedding Ceremony

This photo was captured at The Riu palace Riviera Maya.


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