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Branding your BUSINESS

A tidy Branding and Marketing Plan

In order to create a branding and marketing plan I need to get the big picture from my clients. When I first sat down with Heather, we talked extensively about her business and her business plans. I wanted to know what she saw in the future and what her dream was. I wanted to know if she had an idea of what her brand look would be and if she had a marketing strategy as well.

branding for organization

A job fit for a master organizer.

Heather talked about how she created a job that equaled her passion. She loved to declutter her house. She wanted to provide practical tips for her clients to declutter their homes like she has done. Most importantly, she wanting to teach them how to decide what to get ride of and what to keep and then where that item would live. Then, giving them solid tips on how to organise the things they kept and how to keep those things tidy.

She planned to work with clients from one room to the other. From the kitchen all the way out to the garage. Closets, living rooms, pantry, linen closets; anything that needed tidying up or organising. Decluttering was the main focus. She wanted people to feel good when they were in their house. Based on a very popular television series “Tidying up with Marie Kondo”, Heather understood the positive physical and mental health effects of keeping things neat. She knew it first hand from her own home. People gained clarity when they decluttered their lives. Having an untidy environment can negatively impact a person. Stress levels, memory and energy are all affected by the mess we have around us.

We continued to talked about her color scheme, her logo and her plan for the next six months to a year. We came up with a photo shoot that was distinctive and of course, very clean. We used white backdrops in many of the photos so we could superimpose Heather‘s image into other environments and spaces that felt like home. We chose colours that matched her logo design and created a playful feeling for getting chores done. Because we all know it…picking up and getting organised is energy that we don’t always have. But, with Heather’s ideas she is determined to make life easier without taking up too much time once the house was set up correctly. It was such a pleasure to work with Heather and create her vision of keeping it tidy.