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Fashion, Health and Beauty Photography in Playa del Carmen

One thing that I can say about Fashion, Health and Beauty Photography in Playa Del Carmen  is that it is sexy as hell.  It’s as though one yields the other. To be beautiful you must be healthy. Healthy is beautiful and fashion is it all coming together in “healthy is the new black”.  Bring those three elements to Playa Del Carmen, the meca of beautiful people walking the streets from all over the world, the city becomes a photographers dream.

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Spain, Argentina, Sweden, Italy, France are just a few of the countries that develope communities of people that live, work and play in Playa Del Carmen Mexico.  Canadians, Americans, Africans and the beauties pictured above are from our beloved Mexico. This multi-cultural city drew me in.  It’s a rare day that I can walk down the street and not see something beautiful in my lens. I just can’t get the pretty out of my eyes!

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From the bounce of some of the best beach festivals to young yogis in love… it’s pretty damn sexy to live and vacation in Playa Del Carmen.

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You will hear many ex-pats say they are happy to have traded their winter boots in for flip flops and their business suits in for bikinis!

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There is something to say about the ability to walk a few blocks down to the Caribbean Sea.  You get inspired, rejuvinated or just some kick ass legs after an hour of walking in the sand!

Boudoir Photography by Cat Eye Creations

Fashion Week in Playa Del Carmen takes on the best beach wear, warm weather fashion and a little splash of our cool winter nights on the beach. Yes, we do have winter!  I’m not saying it is equal to yours dear northerners.  But, it is a perfect chill where a light jacket, sweater or a shall will dawn your shoulders!  I actually have to pull out a comforter on my bed in the winter.  I know… I know… poor, poor, poor me!

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We are daring and bold and we work hard to get there.

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We pull up our big girl panties, run businesses and raise families like most people do.

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The only difference is that we get to oooozzzz sex in this warm weather paradise and feel good about it!

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If your looking for beauty, come to Playa Del Carmen.  If your looking for healthy retreats, come to Playa Del Carmen.  Get a little sun kissed in Playa Del Carmen and you are sure to curl someone’s toes!

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Fashion, health and beauty Photography in Playa Del Carmen wrapped up in a pretty package of eye candy.

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