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Family Portraits ~ More than just a picture…


Living in the Riviera Maya, Mexico, The Caribbean, Playa Del Carmen, Quintana Roo (I think I got my key words in) is something special and when I get my family here it’s over the top!  My sister, a niece, a cousin, of course my friends that are my family or my Dad!

But the time goes by so quickly now.  Not like when I was a child and I only cared about what was the next game we were going to play.


When I thought it would take for ever to grow up and 40 seemed like a gazzilion years away!

We're THREE! And I'm the oldest!

I hold those memories dear to my heart.  So when I get to photograph a Family Portrait I revel in the moments.


The occasion, the relationships and the joy of being together are the important elements and the dynamic of each family.


It’s a personal thing for you and it becomes a personal event for me from the moment we speak on the phone until we say our goodbyes on the beach.  I get to become a part of the family (maybe a distant cousin 😉 but I get to know you and your family and all that it is and I have a blast every time I do it!


Your teen being a teen.  Your curious little girl…


Grandma and Grandpa and Grandma can’t decide what shirt to wear.  But, it doesn’t matter because the beauty in her eyes is what the whole family sees and loves.


I take you on a walk down the beach….

A Time Together!

You get to play and I get to capture those memories.

Family Portrait

Your family.


Those memories that I revel in are gone in minutes but we get to share them together forever in a photo!

Thanks for reading!