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Engagement Announcement

There was something special about capturing the Engagement Announcement for Delaney and Samara.

Engagement Announcement Delaney-&-Samara-24

They had been staying at the Oasis Tulum when they got engaged and called me to capture their story.  The Oasis is located just a few minutes north of Tulum and some of my favorite beaches of all time.  So instead of doing the normal (going into the hotel on a day pass) we arranged our adventure on the beach in front of one of my favorite restaurants in Tulum.

Engagement Announcement Delaney-&-Samara-23

The Mezzanine sits up on a bluff over looking the crystal clear blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.  Providing a variety of secluded places and the dreamy white sandy beach.

Engagement Announcement Delaney-&-Samara-9

I don’t know who was more excited..Delaney, Samara or… ME!  I think we were all flying off the ground.

Engagement Announcement Delaney-&-Samara-22

A Story of Love


I could see it immediately.  That sweetness and sincerity between two people is a photographers dream to capture.  You can’t photoshop that emotion or the light in the eyes of love.

Engagement Announcement Delaney-&-Samara-14

“The world can change in a fleeting moment. My world changed for the better the second we met. I knew instantaneously that my better half was standing in front of me. You have shown me what true love really means. Everyday we spend together is more amazing than the last. My love for you is infinite and ever-expanding. I never knew what happily ever after really meant, but I’m glad I get to find out! “Yes” never sounded sweeter!” ~Samara

Engagement Announcement Delaney-&-Samara-10

We laughed, we played…


and these two beautiful beings touched my heart forever.


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To Love, love and more love!