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Destination Wedding Tips Topic #4 Bouquet


Once you have decided to have a Destination Wedding the multitude of questions begin to arise on “foreign matter” that you would never consider if you were having your wedding at a local church or in your parents’ back yard. Of course you will be arriving with your dress and your groom with his tux but what about the flowers? One of the most important things a bride will have is her bouquetWhen getting married along the shores of the Caribbean you can be sure that some of the flowers that you would typically want will not be available in the region.  


Gem Bouquet

Pictured above is a beautifully hand crafted Gem Bouquet. While tropical flowers are gorgeous the heat of the sun isn’t always their best friend. Set on a base of silk flowers and tulle the bride used three broches from her mother and her Grandmother to build around.  Creating “Something Old” within the bouquet as well as creating a lasting keep sake that one day her own daughter could use in her wedding.

Gem Bouquet

A Gem Bouquet is a perfect solution when you are not sure of the flowers in the Destination Location that you have chosen.  Create a lasting memory and peace of mind in the midst of of your special day.


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