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Destination Wedding Proposal Idea

Wedding-Proposal-1[1]If your looking for a destination wedding proposal idea, these two guys had something awesome up there sleeves!

It started out by getting their girls (who happen to be twins) to a destination location in the Mayan Riviera.  We scouted spots that would be secluded and found a beautiful boutique hotel right outside of Playa Del Carmen.  After some trickery the Wedding Proposals began!


And to think the girls thought that they were just going to a romantic dinner!

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The surprise went off perfect!


The girls were both presented with matching Diamond Rings!



It was one of the most romantic Wedding Proposals I had ever seen.  The girls were radiant and the guys were thrilled!  The back drop of the Caribbean sea and the glow of the sun was spectacular!


A Champagne toast on the beach provoked some very happy girls and some very lucky guys.  They were off to that romantic dinner with a Wedding Proposal behind them and their future wedding plans ahead!

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Cheers to Love, Love and more Love!  Thanks for reading!