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Destination Wedding Ideas for the Groom

Getting married in a Destination Location usually means a beach wedding.  And when the beach is involved, wearing a Black Tux can be like sitting in a swedish sauna with thermal underwear on.  This was the concern for Chris when we started talking about what “he” should wear.  Khakis and linens are always on the top of my list for coolness and comfort but when Chris mentioned a “Seersucker” Suit I immediately went to one of my favorite places ( .com) and refreshed my memory of the Seersucker.

Destination Weddings-Ideas-Groom-

I feel in love with summer fashion all over again.  The fabric of Seersucker is ideal to keep your groom cool for your Destination Wedding .

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The way the Seersucker is woven causes the threads of the fabric to bunch together giving it a slightly wrinkled appearance. This also causes the fabric to lye away from the skin keeping the heat out and the air circulating through the suit for a cooling effect.  It also means that you do not have to carry an iron with you or worry if your hotel provides one.

Destination Wedding Ideas for the Groom

The contrasting pattern of the blue and yellow tie was a perfect match to the light blue and white pin strips.   And the final touch….

Destination Wedding Ideas for the Groom

The shoes!  A light brown suede oxford with perfectly matching blue socks!

Destination Wedding Ideas for the Groom
Chris looked fantastic for his bride while remaining cool through out the ceremony and Wedding Day Photos!  The Seersucker Suit is now on the top of my list for the perfect summer suit for men.

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