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Children Photography in Playa Del Carmen

Little fingers and toes. Those chubby little legs and wisps of hair.  Capturing Children Photography in Playa del Carmen is one of the most magical things I get to do. It is also one of the most challenging. Babies are babies and two year olds are way better behaved than 3 year olds.  Teenagers have their own ideas and are usually the most bashful in front of my camera.  But I have a few tricks up my sleeve…

Children Photography, Baby Portraits

Timing is everything. With children it takes some time to get to now them.  This is the most vital part in the whole process.  Not what lens I use.  It is nearly impossible to meet a child in a couple of minutes and put a camera in there face and hope they are comfortable. Especially with the little children. They find security in their parents.

Children photography, baby portraits

For amazing natural photos it is important that the parents give me time with their child.  This is our play time. It can’t be rushed.  They get to know me and then they can relax and be themselves.  It’s silly and fun. We laugh and make our story.  And when the time is right I begin to shoot.

Child Photography, Baby Portrait

Family Portraits and Children Photography

The opportunity to capture your Children Photography and then add in Mom and Dad works well especially here in the Mayan Riviera.  Most of the portraits that I do are on the beach. We plop ourselves down right in the sand and have a ball.

Baby Portraits, Children Photography

Those little toes again.  Remember when they were that small?

Children Photography, Baby Portraits

When you could still pick them up, toss them into the air and watch them laugh uncontrollably.

Children Photography, Baby Portraits

Before the baby fat goes.

Children Photography, baby Portraits

The crook of their neck and their skin so soft.

Children photography, baby portraits

And their eyes only see beauty.

It truly is a magical time.

kat carroll


This layout was captured on the beaches of Grand Coral beach Club.