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Boudoir Photography on the BEACH!

One of my favorite things to photograph is an amazing woman! Let’s face it, women have an inner beauty and a depth that is boundless. To capture this essence is awesome. And you don’t have to be a super model to do it. You just need a few things to be a beach babe in a Boudoir Photo Shoot. Here you see Leanne, she has recently been engaged and wanted to do something special for her fiance before their wedding.

Cateyeworks playa del carmen photographer, Calle 28 entre 20 y 25 Casa 4, Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico, (984) 127.1968 A beautiful breeze and the splash of the Caribbean Sea!

After a little coaching on model walking and posing, Leanne began to relax into her own natural beauty. And we turned the beach into a Boudoir Photo Session!

Cateyeworks Professional Photographer Playa del Carmen Something that makes you feel pretty!

Getting ready for your Photo Session! Here are a few things to think about and do:

* Get enough sleep! Photo shoots are usually done early in the morning or as some say “the crack of dawn”! Here we definitely wanted to catch those awesome rays of sunrise over the Caribbean Sea!

* Groom! Pluck your eyebrows, shave and moisturize your skin the night before so your not too oily the next day. With the amazing lenses that are used to take your pictures we can capture everything. Yes photoshop does wonders but the less manipulation…the better!

* Bring a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated especially when shooting on a location.

Cateyeworks Portrait Photographer Playa del Carmen Crystal Clear Waters and an Amber Necklace!

* Bring as many options as you can. If you are shooting one or two “looks” (a “look”is a complete outfit or style you are going to portray) you should have a few options for each.

* Bring a nude bra and panties. This goes for any photo shoot but, even in clothing more risky if your going to “fall out” you might feel more comfortable with a little something under it!

* Bring a few different shoe options. You know the saying “You can tell everything about a man by his shoes”? Ladies…this goes for you too! But it isn’t just style…clean them up. Worn out shoes gives this photographer the blues!

Cateyeworks wedding photographer playa del carmen Simple Clean Lines!

Let’s talk about the jewelry! If there is too much it can sometimes take away from your own beauty. Keep it simple with precise choices. In both of Leanne’s looks she had one piece of jewelry. Here the black boy shorts go great on her figure and the black bracelet adds a touch of style with out taking away from those gorgeous eyes!

Cateyeworks destination wedding photographer playa del carmen Feeling pretty is your best look!

Confidence is the best look in a Boudoir Photo Session! So bring what makes you feel pretty. Things that fit, feel good, that flow and are soft for that super sexy look. It doesn’t matter what size you are or your age. If your going to give the photos to your partner like Leanne did, they will love them. Or if they are a gift to yourself, you will look back in a few years and have no regrets that you did it!