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A Secret Wedding Escape to Playa Del Carmen Mexico

Simone and Erik came to the Caribbean from a small dutch town of only 2000 people.  ‘t Zand, North Holland.  With a plan to surprise their whole community.  They secretly got married.


They had a very small ceremony in ‘t Zand with their immediate family.


Simone brought her wedding dress, Erik his suit and they escaped to the caribbean blue waters and the warm sun of Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.


Their plan was to do this beach photo shoot and send one of their pictures to all their friends and family back home in North Holland to surprise them with their secret!


I love working outside of the box and Simone and Erik decided to do things in a very nontraditional way which added an extra excitement in taking these pictures.


But the best part of this story is the love that Simone and Erik share.  After years of being together you could still see their love and their laughter was contagious!


Simone and Erik are an affirmation to the saying “Couples that play together stay together.”


I had a blast with these two!  And I am wishing they feel the warm caribbean sun when ever they look back on these pictures in ‘t Zand, North Holland.