Post Production Editing

Post Production Editing is essential for your Wedding Day.

There are so many things to think about before your wedding. The one thing that no one tells you about is Post Production Editing and what it can do to make your photos go from great to FABULOUS!  While you are shopping for your dress, tasting cake and looking at flower arrangements Post Production Editing is an easy thing to forget.

I start with a well lit, creatively composed and naturally posed photo. This allows Post Production Editing to look natural. Not overdone. With the technology of DSLR cameras I can capture every little detail as you see in the photo example below. The photo is composed with depth of field and bouquet.  These are terms that you do not have to understand!  What you see in this photo is the perfect moment of Virginia’s mother and Bridesmaids flaunting all over her. I wanted to balance out Virginia’s nearly flawless skin and make the photo pop in post production. Her skin looks perfectly balanced and radiant!

Post Production Editing, Playa del Carmen Photographer

Skin Softening Technique in Post Production Editing.

Skin softening is the most requested of techniques. I use a gentle softener so that the skin looks naturally flawless. Along with Skin Softening I correct white balance and contrast. Among many other tricks! In our pre-wedding conversation I will ask you how much or how little you want your photos to be produced.  I always vote for a natural clean look!  Virginia requested that her tattoo be removed when visible. In the photo below you will see the tattoo removal and skin softening. She looks fabulous and that tattoo is gone!

Post Production Editing, Wedding Day Photography, Playa Del Carmen Photographer

Last but not least is getting rid of the unwanted objects in your photo. If you are getting married on the beach of the Caribbean Sea you more than likely will have an on-looker or two around. In the case below it was a member of the wedding party not knowing he was still in the shot and the dock in the background was a big distraction. Voila! A clear shot of Virginia and her parents!

Post Production editing, Cat Eye Creations, Playa Del Carmen Photographer

With all of these images there is a post production editing flow.  I may begin with 1000-2000 images for a full wedding day.  Weeding out the bad photos with eyes closed, camera or lighting adjustments and everyone looking in the same direction I end with approx 300-500 images. Still leaving quite a few photos to edit. This takes time. But it is the second round of creative magic for me. Using a professional eye to create the perfect photo and provide a layout that each of my brides love!

I take pride in my work. I pay attention to the details. I hope you like what you see. If you do please contact me. I would be honored to capture your Wedding Photography!





Kat Carroll

Cat Eye Creations~Owner/Photographer